come closer
  • Slaapaap is us: Kevin Geers (BE), Silje Rikoll Dehli (NO), Maarten Mulder (NL) and Sara Andersson (SV). We all studied industrial design at Delft University, and are now working as designers, consultants and design teachers in the Netherlands and in Denmark. With slaapaap, we want to bring people closer to each other. For one, slaapaap helps us to stay close, even though we now live and work in different places and countries. But we hope slaapaap also brings people just a little bit closer together in their everyday lives. Unlimited snuggling and spooning definitely make the world a better place - and that is why we developed the slaapaap pillow-for-two!
about slaapaap
  • Our pillows-for-two are all about making people feel good - but we want to feel as good as possible about them too. That's why we now are working hard to realize organic production of our pillows- and pillow cases-for-two. The firs pillow case that is made from organic cotton with an organic print is out now. Within short, the other pillow cases and the pillow-for-two cover will follow!
  • Slaapaap is also about making a beautiful product, and we love to do that by working together - not only within the slaapaap collective. To create the constantly growing collection of dreamy silk screen printed pillow cases-for-two, we work together with different talented graphic designers and illustrators. If you are interested in a cooperation, you can always contact us. Also if you want to get to know us better for another reason, write something about us, or because you have a great shop where our pillows-for-two would fit perfectly.